Development Update #36 – In The Midnight Hour She Cried “Store, Store, Store”

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Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development blog, and we will keep it light and short. Our featured image is the header for our new merchandise store.¬†Yay! And if it ain’t the perfect time to be looking for presents these days… ūüėČ   So far, we have these five motifs, but there will be more, soon.¬†After all, we will … Read More

Development Update #34 – Smoking In Kindergarten

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Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update. Our featured image is from a new iteration of Stamm’s prototype from last week’s blog. You can see his first take on some characters for the new blues game. On the left we have Mack, who will be the protagonist of the game, at around kindergarten age. Please take into consideration … Read More

Development Update #33 – Prototyping And Tutorials

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Tutorial 1

Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update! And we are starting with Tobi, who is in the final weeks of the Blown Away production. Our featured image shows one of a series of screenshots he send me, from the new tutorial. He felt that just dropping the player into the game without some kind of explanation could become … Read More

Development Update #31 – Blown Away Gameplay Teaser

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Printer vs. Freight Elevator

Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update. And it will be the official¬†gameplay reveal for Blown Away. Note: The videos are only teasers, so they are not in HD. But first, since we aren’t a game studio and we don’t have amazing artists, who do marvelous artwork, and a blog needs a featured picture, because sharing it on … Read More

Development Update #30 – IGF Submission And Bonus

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Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update.¬†It’s the week before the IGF deadline, so we submitted Blown Away and Forkride Grilltime Sloth. Tobi and Stamm had to take screenshots for the competition.   What you want to do for festival submissions, is find representative screenshots to give the jury a good and quick overview of your game. Here, … Read More

Development Update #29 – In The Ascendant Of The Sloth

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Hi everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update and we have a (s)lot(h) to cover! Our featured image is the magnificent title of Stamm’s magnificent secret project. A fun game for the whole family – if your whole family likes sloths, collecting¬†weird characters and isn’t allergic to forks.   Throughout FGS (no way I’m spelling this out every time), … Read More

Development Update #28

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Blues Concept

Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update. Number 28 already! Time is flying. So, what do we have to show this week? Our featured image is some concept art for Christian’s new project “Mississippi Blues“, courtesy of Mr. Stamm. Christian has started tinkering around on first game mechanic tests and prototype work in general, and Stamm was hooked … Read More