Black Pants Studio is an independent game studio rooted in Kassel and Berlin. We are a team of two programmers, one animator and one comic artist.  We are passionate about games with new and innovative mechanics, a handcrafted feeling, and a one-of-a-kind look. We are always open for commissions and work with a huge pool of friends and partners. 

Our own Scape Engine is used to develop desktop and console games such as Tiny & Big and On Rusty Trails. Built from scratch, it has been constantly improved since 2002.

Black Pants is an officially licensed developer for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


Sebastian Stamm is a Comic Artist and Illustrator. At Black Pants, he draws, creates the characters, is responsible for everything 2D, contributes his visual style to the game and is one of the company’s CEOs.


Jan2014_TobiTobias Bilgeri is responsible for the creation of the characters and worlds featured in some of the games of Black Pants like “About Love, Hate and the Other Ones” and “Blown Away”. Due he is also responsible for gamedesign, he is passionate about developing new looks and settings which fit into the game mechanics and storyworlds of our games.


The Scape Engine. A stable foundation to give our games that tailor-made feeling. Doing it all by ourselves means we can tweak every nut and bolt that is important to the final experience. We like it nutty, we like it bolty – it’s how we roll…ty. 


Jan2014_JonesJohannes Spohr is the main developer of the Scape Engine, his umpteenth engine since starting a demo scene ‘career’ in the 90s. Is very slow at writing fast code. Also cares about release quality, gives very polite tech support, and keeps an eye out for co-workers skimping on commit messages – lazy youngsters!



We’re always looking for new cooperations and projects, please send your inquiries and commission requests to

Distribution Partners!

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Our team is currently complete for our next projects and we can’t offer any jobs or internships at the moment. We’ll post any free jobs here in the future, please send your applications to


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Everything else!

Please send music, localization, QA inquiries and other questions to .


Sebastian Stamm (CEO)
c/o trickfilmlounge
Leuschnerdamm 13 // Aufgang 5 Etage 5
10999 Berlin  // Germany
phone: +49 (0) 160 65 29 506

Cool people that deserve extra credit!

Sebastian Schulz – game physics, audio, A.I, and gameplay logic
Florian Grolig – game design
Florian Masuth – PR / accounting
Rico Possienka – code
Lennert Raesch – admin, web and gamecode
Steffen Martin – sound design, music
Baoying Bilgeri – animation
Stephan Göbel – programming
Alexander Draude – concept artist & textures
Vincent Zurwesten – music spy
Federico Martin – 3D animation
Julian Vavrovsky – 3D modelling
Philipp Beau – programming
Alexander Gerb – programming
Alexander Jahl – programming
Daniel Goffin – Symmetrain designer