Development Update #31 – Blown Away Gameplay Teaser

FlorianArt, Development

Printer vs. Freight Elevator

Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update.

And it will be the official gameplay reveal for Blown Away. Note: The videos are only teasers, so they are not in HD.

But first, since we aren’t a game studio and we don’t have amazing artists, who do marvelous artwork, and a blog needs a featured picture, because sharing it on social media without a picture in it looks shitty, we will have to settle with a picture of my printer losing a hard-fought battle against the freight elevator. I still miss you, buddy 🙁


As you can see, our little friend Hendrik is striding through the broken fields, which is right at the start of the game. Just as you have encountered in side-scrollers/endless-runners before, the screen will automatically move and squash you, as soon as it catches you.

At that point, the awsome teleport mechanic comes into play. As soon as our battery has finished charging, we can teleport wherever we want in the visible area. We should, of course, try not to aim for walls, because that would certainly spell doom for our endeavor to find all the house parts.

The house parts can be seen, floating around in different parts of the course, and have to be collected, to achieve maximum points on the level.


Holy guacamole! from the basics, right to the hardcore fun. If you are an avid player, and have mastered our basic stages, which will take you a while, you will have finished your training to become a teleportation master. With that seal of approval, you can move on to the hardcore challenge. More obstacles, more enemies, more weather, and FIRE!

In this one, you can see the awesome granny, with her life-saving recharges. She’s one of my favorite encounters in the game. Such a dear! The battery and charging mechanics will also change over the course of the game, for maximum telporting fun.


Studio and project updates:

So here’s a quick update on what we are doing right now.

Stamm was finishing up the sloth game and overhauled the website, adding project pages, presskits and buttons. These will be subsequently going live over the next weeks/months. He is now entering the brainstorming and concept phase for Mississippi Blues.

Tobi is almost done with Blown Away, and will be returning to On Rusty Trails shortly.

Christian is finishing up Blown Away, and starting on the blues.

Jones and Rico are still slogging away on ORT.

And I am very happy to say that I am also starting my work on the blues. I am super-hyped about this opportunity. First game, I will have influence on the story. I already have some ideas, and the next months will be exciting!

For all the brave and enduring readers, I have also saved one last bonus surprise link right for the end. No one can say, I’m not looking out for you guys!

That’s it for this week, make sure to check back next Sunday. If you like, leave us a comment, and tell your friends about your favorite blog and game studio 😉