• A blasting Jump’n’Change platforming ride
    • A Steam key, redeemable at a gray box that pops out of a larger gray box
    • PC, Mac, Linux versions of the game – free of DRM
  • The official On Rusty Trails Comic – for free

What do we have here?

    • A game to for your reaction and shoe skills!
  • No In-App Purchases! It’s the full package! (iOS)

What do we have here?

    • A game to improve your artistic shooting skills!
  • Leaderboards inside


What’s inside?

    • A fully DRM free multi-platform version of the game
    • A Steam key, should you use the service
  • Our undying gratitude


What do I get?

    • A delightful version of the Game for Mac, PC and Linux
    • Will come with newly revamped and redeliciousalized art and hi-defness
  • And a piece of actual Rhodium*

* no actual Rhodium included


They also make comic books?

    • Indeed. In English (eBook) and German (Print) language, currently.
  • 120 pages of true scifi space opera content in this comic book called Leschek’s Flight

What do we have here?

    • A game to rock your brain’s socks off, intellectually!
  • No In-App Purchases! It’s the full package!

What’s inside?

    • A game for for the whole family
    • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
    • A wonderful guitar soundtrack
  • Eight trains with varying difficulty

What am I wearing?

A collection of our sweet characters for you to cover up your body in finest woolish material.

Why are my ears laughing?

Thanks to our music spy Vincent, Tiny & Big features eighteen hand selected tracks from tremendously awesome indiebands: 3TYPEN, SEVEN THAT SPELLS, ONDA BIDON, MR NOONE, just to name a few. And if you are still not quite sure, you can listen to the complete soundtrack of Tiny & Big via Bandcamp (or here via the widget, for that matter).