London Calling!


Greetings, everyone out there! Our little delegacy of three is back from London. Our heads are still swirling from all the input we got, but nevertheless, it felt good to take some days off from the heavy production phase we’re in right now… First of all, our slot was great. The folks running the Indie Games Arcade supplied us with … Read More

Indie Games Arcade Coming Up Next Week


A quick reminder: Tiny&Big – Up that Mountain! is featured in the Fantastic Arcade Showcase this weekend). While this is a really awesome thing for us, there is something which makes us feel even more awesome: the game has been selected for the Indie Games Arcade section of next week’s Eurogamer Expo 2010 in London! Can you say…awesome??!! For this … Read More

More Arousing Rocks!


Here’s some new updates for you! We’ve spent the last 3 or 4 weeks coming up with a clear concept and basic rules of how the environment should look like, especially the rocks. It’s been some pretty mind-twisting weeks. With Tiny&Big being a physics puzzler, it’s pretty important to get a direct grip on every form in the game. Means, if … Read More

Tiny & Big Hits The Festival Circuit


While we are spending our nights and days on the brand new Tiny and Big episode, the beta-demo is featured at its first game festival. So if you are near Texas between the 23rd and 30th of September, you should consider to visit the ‘Fantastic Fest’ in South Lamar, Austin, play the Tiny and Big demo, watch some weird horror movies … Read More



Hello hello, in the beginning of every game-production-plan there’s always a big load of concepts to be done. Every character, item, prop and bit of enviroment wants to be thought about and and at least sketched out in some way or another. Right now, we have been working on the vegetation of our upcoming next episode. This is just a … Read More

Tiny And Big Theater


Welcome to the Tiny and Big cinema! A good story based game needs cutscenes. That’s the reason why we are developing a scriptable scenario feature for Tiny and Big. Our goal is to provide an easy to handle script, which can be used by our stage directors who have little experience in programming. For example they would like to say: … Read More

Back In The Game


We had to take some time off after releasing the second beta of Tiny & Big – Up that Mountain, and didn’t find time to update the site since then. The reason why we’re so busy was mainly our quest for project funding. Now, after the first Tiny Telegraph was released, we’ll do the blogging thing regularly. On the matter … Read More

Tiny Telegraph Newsletter No.1


Greetings everyone! It`s been about time to throw a big THANKS on your screens, thanks for all the great feedback and mails you send us. This`ll all help us to make an awesome game! We took some quality time to rearrange our minds and restructure our little, five person black pants shack. And surely to regain our mighty game production … Read More