Development Update #45 – Thunderbolts And Lighting

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Hi everyone! it’s time for the weekly development update, and we’re of with a really really boring screenshot. Yeah, you heard me! One might think: this picture looks perfectly fine. It has a stage from On Rusty Trails, Elvis is in it, the awesome lamps are there, the new slime texture has been applied. What a lovely shot. Wrong! This … Read More

Development Update #44 – Slime!

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The Weapon Sign

Hello everyone! We’re late for the weekly development update – may the gods smite me down! Actually, a series of miscommunication has lead to anarchy in the blog world of the Pants, but I am here to get everything back in order. And I am not the only one, bringing things back in order. The Spike People of On Rusty … Read More

Development Update #43 – What’s In the Box?!

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Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update with news from the blues! Our featured image is the first mockup graphic from the game menu, and as you can see, the current working title is “Bluesman’s Life”. Our hero, Mack, has to learn the way of the blues and we will accompany him from a young age until he … Read More

Development Update #42 – The Answer To Everything

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Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update and we have so much stuff to show! Starting us off, the blues is back in town and has brought a new character, who is a guy with a balloon for a head. He’s called Balloonhead.   He’s from the tutorial scene of Mississippi Blues and has a sweet ride, which … Read More

Development Update #41 – Always Keep The Warranty

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Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update.   Man, I have started this blog three times now and deleted everything in it, a short while after. My brain is so slow today. I can’t – for the life of me – come up with anything funny or stupid (which I will then sell you as being funny, because … Read More

Development Update #40 – We Are Very Font Of This One

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What To Do

Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update, and Elvis is here to start us off. Our featured image is taken from the new opening cutscene of On Rusty Trails, where our main man errr robot is baffled, staring at the ruins of his once beautiful home. Stamm has been working on the cutscene, adding more description boxes, which had already … Read More

Development Update #38 – It’s done

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Hi everyone! It’s time for the weekly development blog. And it’s going to be the last one of the year*. Blown Away is out now for iOS and Android, and we are packing up our stuff for the year. Tobi and Jones are already off to see their families for Christmas, Stamm and I are leaving in the next days. … Read More