Development Update #1

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Tunnel 3

Hey everyone! We decided to add a new category of posts to the blog, where we will keep you updated on what is going on in the production of On Rusty Trails more frequently. There will be a post every week with some footage from the development and comments on what you can see, so let’s get this started. On … Read More

Stamm artwork for ARTE

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Stamm was asked by ARTE to draw a wallpaper for their online magazine ARTE Creative. They also wrote a feature on him (in German). You can go over there and download the wallpaper or get it directly from this post. It’s drawn in Stamm’s unique comic style and shows his love for gaming and weird alien creatures.

Stamm is everywhere

FlorianArt, News

This son of a gun did it again! Mr. Stamm got some love and praise for his work. Leschek’s Flug (Leschek’s Flight soon to be released as English E-Book version!) got mentioned in this review (German), and also in the German newspaper “Die Welt” in a piece that speaks about the publishing house Rotopol out of Kassel. They publish many … Read More

More Arousing Rocks!


Here’s some new updates for you! We’ve spent the last 3 or 4 weeks coming up with a clear concept and basic rules of how the environment should look like, especially the rocks. It’s been some pretty mind-twisting weeks. With Tiny&Big being a physics puzzler, it’s pretty important to get a direct grip on every form in the game. Means,┬áif … Read More



Hello hello, in the beginning of every game-production-plan there’s always a big load of concepts to be done. Every character, item, prop and bit of enviroment wants to be thought about and and at least sketched out in some way or another. Right now, we have been working on the vegetation of our upcoming next episode. This is just a … Read More