Development Update #41 – Always Keep The Warranty

FlorianArt, Development


Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly development update.


Man, I have started this blog three times now and deleted everything in it, a short while after. My brain is so slow today. I can’t – for the life of me – come up with anything funny or stupid (which I will then sell you as being funny, because that’s what I usually do).

Do you know what else deletes everything in it? A freaking thunderstorm in Spike territory! Last week we saw Elvis, standing on the ruins of his little house, desperately looking for a solution to his problem. Luckily, this week, he is starting to remember.




In case of an emergency, open this compartment. Boom! There it is. Good old Olaf¬†handed out warranties with every sold house. This is the start of Elvis’ journey to find a new home.


What’s been happening at Black Pants:

Next week we will start internal Alpha testing for On Rusty Trails and, after ironing out the bugs, we will go into a closed Beta test with our testers, which should hopefully start in the next weeks.

We submitted Blown Away to the German Game Awards, which will be held in April, in Munich this year, and are hoping for a nomination there.

We also set up an site for Blown Away, which we will be doing for all of our games in the future. On Rusty Trail will receive an site as well.


I guess, that’s it for this week. I usually resort to making fun of Stamm, when I don’t know what to write, but he hasn’t given me any reason to. We could use one or two more dedicated Beta testers, so if you are interested, leave me a comment, and I will contact you. If your PC specs are interesting, we can set something up.


Make sure to check back on the blog next Sunday, because two weeks of nothingness in my head are highly unlikely!