Gamescom 2013!

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Attention everyone, a little brigade from Black Pants Studio will be at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from 21.-25.08.2013. After working sedulously on his first personal game project Symmetrain, Senor Daniel Goffin will be at the Big Indie Pitch tomorrow, presenting a nearly finished version of the upcoming Black Pants Mobile Game, as before mentioned, Symmetrain. He’ll also order serious beverages at the Notgames … Read More


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Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is included in the Humble Indie Bundle 8 for the next 7 days! We are honored (humbled, even! sorry.) to be included amongst this awesome selection, I mean, just look at that line-up! It’s been almost a year since the release of the game, and what a nice way to celebrate the almost-occasion this is … Read More

Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers released upon the world!

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Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is now available for download after being purchased using strings of bits that represent cash. You can support us directly via the Humble Store Widget (below) on our website. Get STEAM advantages. Or maybe you prefer the GOG DRM free version. Or get your retail box from, which will be available June 29th. The … Read More

Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is coming to Steam!

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We have a pretty big announcement: Tiny & Big’s first episode (since episode 0) will be released June 19th on Steam, for both PC & Mac! The retail release will be hitting Germany pretty soon, too! That box will be some bee’s knees, and hopefully it will reach our international friends and customers, too! While we get crackin’ to finish … Read More

Thanks for the feedback and the Testing and everything else!

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Hello Everybody, since our last release of Tiny & Big: Up that Mountain! (VERSION 0.6), we received lots of fine, helpful feedback. We just want to bow our heads and say thanks to every human who sent error logs or provided criticism. And thanks to everyone who blogged and did videos and walkthroughs. All of this support is a great … Read More

Crimson Cow and Black Pants!

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Ladies and Gents! YAYHAR! We’ve found a great partner in Crimson Cow, a little, niftey publisher from Hamburg. They are going to cover retail distribution of Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers in German speaking countries. So much for the updates, Greetings, Stamm

The guys behind Tiny and Big: Sebastian Stamm (comic artist)

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Cheers fellow indie friends, we’ve prepared a series of articles “The guys behind Tiny and Big” to introduce you the core team of Black Pants that is working on Tiny and Big. Todays focus is on our comic artist Sebastian Stamm. Sebastian is an illustrator and animator, born in the deep dark forests of Frankonia. At Black Pants Studio, he … Read More

Tiny & Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers Introduction

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Cheers fellow indie friends, this article is for all you guys and gals out there who didn’t stumble upon our game Tiny and Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers, yet. We would be glad to give you a short introduction. The game is about a nerdy guy called Tiny, who’s only heirloom of his dear grandpa (a nice pair of white, fine … Read More

Screens of progress and the news!

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Dearest friends of Tiny & Big, behold! It’s been a good while since our last update, but things are going swell. Over the past 3 months, the levels have been assuming more and more of a level-ish shape and kept growing rapidly. Furthermore, Black Pants Studio has absorbed another human being. From now on, full-time level designer and officialese member, … Read More

What we’ll bring to Gamescom Part I

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Hello everybody, to celebrate the upcoming GAMESCOM event in our good ol’ home country Germany, we want to give you an overview of what we’ll bring to the exhibition. Currently we’re close to finish 3 of the 6 planned levels. We also recently finished a nice „secret“ tutorial for you to learn how to use the following tools, which can … Read More