Tiny & Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers Introduction


Cheers fellow indie friends, this article is for all you guys and gals out there who didn’t stumble upon our game Tiny and Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers, yet. We would be glad to give you a short introduction.


The game is about a nerdy guy called Tiny, who’s only heirloom of his dear grandpa (a nice pair of white, fine rib underpants!) was stolen by his sandbox nemesis Big. Equipped with a self made ray cutter, a gripping device (snitched from the local hardware store), a few “Mannheimer” rockets and a fine attitude, Tiny flags down a taxi and sets course to the desert, where Big has disappeared…


Accompanied by his only friend, an annoying and jabbering rucksack, Tiny needs to solve lots of puzzles to reclaim his beloved underpants by cutting down an entirely destructible desert environment. But he has to use his tools wisely to get to unreachable spots in the game.


Tiny can use his mighty laser to cut and form any object at will. To move objects, Tiny can choose between a grappling hook to pull, and a rocket to push pieces into position. Of course, as the game proceeds, combining your tools gives the player a unique and sandboxy variety of possibilities to solve puzzles.
We created an artistic, very personal and comic-like visual style. To achieve this rather illustrative look, we developed several techniques; Like in a hand-drawn comic picture, the shadows in the game are hatched in pencil-like strokes. As the hatching is based on hand-drawn textures, this adds a more natural and unique feeling to the visuals. Some of the textures were produced in traditional comic manner with ink and pen. To round up the look, we use cel-shading with a fine-tuned shader, which creates an outline as well as crease-lines on both characters and environment.

To see Tiny and Big in motion, please watch our latest alpha trailer:

Regards from the Black Pants headquarter! Feel free to vote for Tiny and Big in the Indie of the year 2011 competition.

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