Gamescom 2013!



Attention everyone, a little brigade from Black Pants Studio will be at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from 21.-25.08.2013.

After working sedulously on his first personal game project Symmetrain, Senor Daniel Goffin will be at the Big Indie Pitch tomorrow, presenting a nearly finished version of the upcoming Black Pants Mobile Game, as before mentioned, Symmetrain. He’ll also order serious beverages at the Notgames Fest 2013 Party later that evening.

Christian will be at Gamescom on Wednesday as well, ramble the halls and speak to several interesting people. Feel free to get in contact with them, they’re bringing stickers, postcards and other valuable products. You recognise them by their famous, celebrity-esque faces shimmering in the neon light.

Until then, best, Black Pants!

And yes, very quietly and without making a big fuss about it, we updated the whole Black Pants website. We hope it will grow nicely with all the mad projects we have planned for the near future.