Screens of progress and the news!


Dearest friends of Tiny & Big, behold! It’s been a good while since our last update, but things are going swell. Over the past 3 months, the levels have been assuming more and more of a level-ish shape and kept growing rapidly. Furthermore, Black Pants Studio has absorbed another human being.

From now on, full-time level designer and officialese member, Tobias “Hat” Bilgeri is supporting us in building levels, finishing the game and dragging people to beverage offering parlours.

You can see his splendid short films and movies here:

AND We were asked whether it’d be possible to submit fan art. Why, yes it is! Just send your pieces at and we’ll proudly present them on our site and on indieDB. We’d be much more than honoured to receive some of your art!!! Alas, here’s a little sneak preview of the recent status.



We have slapped some toony walls of rock onto the cliff, giving it more detail and structure.



The pyramid is being filled with new textures right now. Contrast of the different elements is raised by dark glowy and mysterious material.



Glowing with gloe! Screenshots include material from the later-in-the-game levels, like: The Statue of …, The Place where Things Are In Disturbance, At the Tip of a Horrible Moment.


So far, lasery greetings and best,

Stamm and Jones (on behalf of Black Pants)