Announcement Blog – European Video Game Funding


Good news, everyone! Last week we received a surprising email from Brussels. Christian’s game concept for a new title called “Mississippi Blues” has been chosen for funding from the European Union and will receive a € 60.000 grant! Party Pants! We are super honored to be among the chosen projects. FYI: 182 projects were submitted. Out of these 107 were … Read More

Murmel The Drunk Chef


So there are these awesome people from the School of Arts and Design in Kassel, who have a comedy film project where people have to compete in a cooking duel while being more or less wasted. Our very own Murmel (me) has been asked to participate and the result can be seen online now. Disclaimer: I was REALLY wasted. The … Read More

Leschek’s Flug Awarded “Best Independent Comic 2014”


Awesome news on the comic front! It is an honor to report that the Black Pants Adventure Comic Lescheks Flug won “Best Independent Comic 2014” at the International Comic Salon Erlangen.                     In addition there were great reviews on Intellectures, talking about “Stamm’s borderless creativity” and on ComicReview giving Leschek 10/10 … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – DCP 2014

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It’s me again, and this time it is only a short update.   Last week our Symmetrain friends Daniel and Philipp plus Christian and I (for Black Pants) went to Munich for the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” (German Game Award). Symmetrain had been nominated in the category “Best German Mobile Game” and thus was our 3rd game of three to be nominated … Read More

Murmel goes A Maze.


Hey folks, It’s been too long! Two hours ago I boarded  a bus (with god-awful internet connection) to Berlin to visit the A Maze. Indie Game Festival. I have been waiting for this day since Spielsalon last year ended. I will meet some friends there, see awesome games and I will blog the shit out of it. The only sad … Read More

Tiny & Big goes to school


In addition to receiving a Silver Pädi last year, for being valuable for kids, Tiny & Big now even gets mentioned in a German school book. The article is from the DCP website and is the statement of the jury awarding us with the German computer games award back in2011. Students are asked to write about a game of their … Read More



In a cooperation with not only our local university, Universität Kassel, but also the bib International College we were joined by a group of future game designers, developers and artists on monday. As all of us are really busy developing the next Black Pants game, we have decided to have them roll a project of their own. I don’t want … Read More



Hey  folks! We recently had access to a 3D-Printer and made a little 3D-Tiny. Here are photos from the first try:  

Tiny Steam Machine For Tiny & Big


Christian and Jones went to the Steam Developer Days last month and they brought home a special gift. Here are some photos of our awesome Steam Machine:   And here is Tiny & Big, running on our Steam Machine: