More Arousing Rocks!


Here’s some new updates for you!

We’ve spent the last 3 or 4 weeks coming up with a clear concept and basic rules of how the environment should look like, especially the rocks. It’s been some pretty mind-twisting weeks.

With Tiny&Big being a physics puzzler, it’s pretty important to get a direct grip on every form in the game. Means,┬áif I cut stone, it should be pretty simple for me to tell which direction it’s gonna fall. Otherwise, it would be rather hard to have any linear puzzle quests in the game. And of course, the stones, cactuses, statues and everything else had to fit in Tiny’s crudely drawn world.

To put things short, here’s our fine, little, sandwich inspired rock, that’s gonna be the styleguide for everything else we put in that forsaken desert!
All that testing of rocks (!) finally paid off.

I’ve also added some concepts by crafty Dr. Draude, who’s doing most of the environment sketches and concepts for Tiny&Big.

Adios and bye!