The incredible festival march!

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We started flirting with the IGF more than one year ago, when we just missed the submission deadline for its 12th installment by approximately two months. Back then we wanted to submit our prototype demo “Up That Mountain“. Perhaps it was some kind of weird destiny to fail that deadline, because who knows whether that old demo would have brought … Read More

And the Winner is…

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…not us! Yet we are! It’s crazy! The Best Student Game award went to FRACT, and it’s completely deserving, no question about that! So congratulations Richard, keep it up! GDC is now over, and it’s been a blast! We met so many nice people, and the IGF atmosphere was exhilarating. If you are an indie developer, you should definitely consider … Read More

Grandpa’s Leftovers at the IGF San Francisco!

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Hey everyone! We’ve landed the Pantsjet and arrived safely at the GDC in San Francisco. After wrestling the monster of crunch for the last few weeks, we’re proud to showcase the first couple of levels from Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers exclusively at our booth at the IGF pavilion. It’s located at HALL B / Expo Hall (Moscone South), be … Read More

Going to San Francisco

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Having stomached the initial (pleasant) shock that was our nomination for the IGF Student Showcase, it’s up to me to write some words about it. It feels awesome, and we really appreciate the, well, appreciation of the IGF jury. That nomination hit us like a big comet of love, right in the metaphorical balls! I remember waking up to a … Read More

Back Front Side View Of His Laserness Himself!

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To go along with our redesign post, here’s a final character sheet of Tiny in bloom and with equipment loaded. The little mugger has a size of 5.24 real human feet and a shoe size of 11(as a nitty-gritty character, he prefers Velcro® fastener on his footwear). Unless stolen, he normally wears one specific pair of underwear and likes his … Read More

Final Tiny Ready To Be Served In Full Color!

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Since our first release of the beta of Tiny and Big: Up that Mountain, we always wanted to advance Tiny’s character design for the final game episode Grandpa’s Leftovers. It’s been about time to share the final re-design of Tiny, so here’s some exclusive renderings for you. We tweaked some of Tiny’s proportions, gave him a teeth makeover, shed some … Read More

Yep, You Can…

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Thanks to you, Tiny and Big is now one of the top 100 nominated games for the Indie of the Year Awards! And once again, we are asking for your kind support by voting in the final round to push Tiny and Big as high as possible. You can vote by clicking here, go to the upcoming category and open the platformer register, where … Read More

Thanks everyone!!!

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We were pretty much overwhelmed by the tons of spiffy feedback we received regarding our new trailer. The reponses have been a huge motivational boost to make a unique game which helps us through the tough phase of releasing the next version!!! The new release is coming in the next few weeks. Meanwhile there is an older release in the … Read More

The Quoness Of The Status

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Time for a summary of what’s going on right now, right here at The Pantsagon! Let’s start a couple of months back, just after we released the demo of Tiny & Big. We sat together joyfully, as we just had received buckets of great feedback on the game. And although we’d just spent all our energy on the demo, we … Read More

Got Funding

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After a long lasting battle and almost endless weeks and months between hope and fear, finally a happy end. We ensured funding for the next twelve months, as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) believes in us! From now on the following logos will accompany us on every step we’ll make as long as the funding lasts… However, … Read More