And the Winner is…


…not us! Yet we are! It’s crazy!

The Best Student Game award went to FRACT, and it’s completely deserving, no question about that! So congratulations Richard, keep it up!

GDC is now over, and it’s been a blast! We met so many nice people, and the IGF atmosphere was exhilarating. If you are an indie developer, you should definitely consider submitting your game to this festival.

While we were busy at the GDC, amazing news were brought to our attention, two newses actually: Tiny & Big has reached the finals of the indiePub Indie Propeller Awards, and it is also nominated for the Best Concept by a Student Team award at the Deutscher Computerspielpreis!

Deutscher Computerspielpreis

We will be in Austin for the upcoming weekend, to join the SXSW Festival and hopefully bring an award home with us. We are currently travelling through the US, so there probably won’t be another update here on the site until we get home. If you want to get updated on the awards situation, please follow us on Twitter!

Thanks everyone for a great time, keep it up guys & gals!