Back Front Side View Of His Laserness Himself!


To go along with our redesign post, here’s a final character sheet of Tiny in bloom and with equipment loaded. The little mugger has a size of 5.24 real human feet and a shoe size of 11(as a nitty-gritty character, he prefers Velcro┬« fastener on his footwear). Unless stolen, he normally wears one specific pair of underwear and likes his hairdo to be short. Skin tone is a healthy dark grey.
Due to his carefully chosen way of life, you can see his perfectly ball-shaped belly when you look at him in profile.

Nevertheless, he’s still good at walking fast and jumping up high. And of course, although his body shape and general attitude towards fitness don’t suggest it, he’s quite proficient at pushing and shoving huge amounts of boulders, rocks and whichever environmental pieces come along.

Tiny likes to listen to music, though apparently nature didn’t give him regular ears. So just imagine his head as a swinging membrane of high-fidelious sound reception. Somehow…

Anyways, enjoy the sheet,
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