Final Tiny Ready To Be Served In Full Color!


Since our first release of the beta of Tiny and Big: Up that Mountain, we always wanted to advance Tiny’s character design for the final game episode Grandpa’s Leftovers.
It’s been about time to share the final re-design of Tiny, so here’s some exclusive renderings for you.

We tweaked some of Tiny’s proportions, gave him a teeth makeover, shed some more dirt on his feet and added a bucket full of valuable gadgetery to survive the desert: (imagine the following lines read by a loud commercial speaker with a slight german accent)

We gave Tiny a new tool, to make the whole shoving and moving of rocks and boulders even more comfortable.

The HANDMADE ROCKET TM! Made from firebeans, old packaging material and a collector’s item toy robot, the rocket can be shot at any matter in your way to shove it around. Of course even from a longer distance.

Tiny’s advising collegue and mentor, the talking RUCKSACK RADIO TM is now equipped with a fully functional tape slot. It allows Tiny to play rarest collector’s music tapes he finds during his journey.
Once you found one, you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. To put it short, Tiny carries his own portable boombox. And what’s better than bringing and selecting your own soundtrack while slicing environment.

To save his eyes, Tiny brings a useful, yet still fashionable pair of glasses to the desert. THE REALITY BOY TM, once activated, makes life and rock surveillance in an unknown terrain much easier. This limited version is checkered, grey and red.

Last but not least, Tiny’s now a proud owner of the BAG OF SACK TM, a little brown pouch attached to his belt. A warm and cozy place to store the treasures he discovers on his way, like musictapes and rather exciting stones…

Of course, Tiny is still accompanied by his mighty raycutting tool and his trusty grappling hook.

So have fun digesting the complete, all new & fresh Tiny,
Enjoy those new inventions,
Stay tuned, regards,


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