Murmel goes A Maze.


Hey folks,

It’s been too long! Two hours ago I boarded  a bus (with god-awful internet connection) to Berlin to visit the A Maze. Indie Game Festival. I have been waiting for this day since Spielsalon last year ended. I will meet some friends there, see awesome games and I will blog the shit out of it.

The only sad thing is that we have no game of our own to show in Berlin this week but we are getting closer, guys. Last week we released About Love, Hate and the other ones for Mac and will continue to release it on other platforms this year. As for our new game project(s), expect to read news around the time of Gamescom. Latest talk is that Christian and I will be there to show something, if we have enough material.

I am looking forward to the next few days and I would be so happy to see you guys checking out my ramblings. You can, btw, follow me on Twitter @IamMurmel and the studio @blackpantsgames for short live updates from A Maze.

So long,