Murmel’s Blog – GamesWeekBerlin Edition

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The Crew At Quo Vadis

Hey peeps, long time no see! Games Week is over and I’m on the train back to Kassel. As always, Berlin was awesome. I met a ton of great new people, caught up with old friends and was awarded the grand sunburn prize for my achievements in not giving a damn about the sun. Good times. The picture above shows … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – #tourdemurmel Edition

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Flight to Helsinki

Heyo friends! It’s been a while, since I last wrote a personal blog. Mostly, because we already have the weekly development blog and also, because I didn’t go to any cool events since the last one. But that’s coming to an end right now, and I will tell you about my exciting last week.   The week before the last, … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – Berlin GamesWeek Edition

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A Maze.

Hi friends! It’s Murmel with my report of last week’s Berlin GamesWeek. As the name suggests, it is a whole week with events for games. My personal schedule consisted of: Quo Vadis, A Maze. and a so-called matchmaking dinner. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? In the beginning there was Jack…eheheh, sorry. My GamesWeek actually started on Wednesday, … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – Berlin Office Marvelous Mega Move

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Colonia Nova

Hi friends! Awesome news this week, as I am telling you about our new office in Berlin. No development update this time, but you get more of me in return. Who would not take that deal?! I went to Berlin to help the guys move their stuff from our old HQ at Kottbusser Damm to the shiny, new, grass-is-greener-there Black … Read More

Murmel’s blog – New year, first meeting

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The team

Hello my dear readers, This is the first 2015 blog and it will be a little recap of our first team meeting this year and a small outlook on the future. We had our first team meeting of the year, which has to be mentioned, because this means that all of the Pants where in one place.  We wanted to … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – DCP 2014

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It’s me again, and this time it is only a short update.   Last week our Symmetrain friends Daniel and Philipp plus Christian and I (for Black Pants) went to Munich for the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” (German Game Award). Symmetrain had been nominated in the category “Best German Mobile Game” and thus was our 3rd game of three to be nominated … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – A Maze. 2014

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My dear readers, It is me again with news from Berlin. The last few days have been amazing. I am now sitting in a bus back to Kassel and have a few hours of travel ahead. Berlin was awesome as always and here is my full blog of the event and stuff around it: I arrived Wednesday evening and we … Read More

Murmel’s Blog Goes Berlin – Call Of BOLU Edition

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It’s time for El Blogerino again! After having worked with the Black Pants for a few months now and getting to know my fields of work in Kassel (which still get more complex and exciting) the time had finally arrived to visit the Berlin office. The university is still on winter break so this was the perfect moment to pack … Read More

Murmel’s “It’s 2014″Blog

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Happy new year everyone! Since the holidays are over and a new year has begun I want to do a little recap of my first “year” (more like 3 months) in the world of indie-game developing. First off I have to say, I was overwhelmed with the Black Pants. I have known Stamm for ages now, but I had only … Read More