London Calling!


Greetings, everyone out there! Our little delegacy of three is back from London. Our heads are still swirling from all the input we got, but nevertheless, it felt good to take some days off from the heavy production phase we’re in right now…

First of all, our slot was great. The folks running the Indie Games Arcade supplied us with a nice set of two machines to show our little demo of Tiny and Big. It was great to meet some comrades from the English indie scene, like the guys from Honeyslug, who put a pretty nifty looking game called Hohokum to the monitors. Special mention goes to the evening we spent at the King William IV. We reached that drinkery after a long journey through most of London, had a Show and Yell, which was hilarious, the ale splendid.

So long,
thanks for all the great feedback we received from everyone!