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Hello world,

My name is Florian, but my friends have called me “Murmel” for as long as I can think. Murmel is the German word for marble and that’s all I can really tell you. I can’t remember, why exactly someone chose the name or even who started it. Well, the only important thing is, you can call me Murmel.

Why am I writing a blog, you might ask yourselves. And more importantly: why should you read it? First of all, because it would make me really happy to reach people with this, and because I would love feedback to this and future posts. Second: Today is my first day at Black Pants, and from now on part of my job here is to keep you guys informed about our work, our games, and our studio.

I am currently a freshman at Kassel University starting to study “English, American Culture and Business Studies”. Before I worked at a wholesaler for organic food and at an accountant’s office. At Black Pants I will mostly do boring office stuff which tends to pile up and annoy our programmers and designers, so I will try to make their lives easier. The fun part of the job will be you guys. I will snatch the login data for the company’s facebook and twitter accounts, as soon as no-one is looking and take over social media.

I myself enjoy video games (of course). I’ve been playing them for about 15 years now. My all-time favorite would be Grim Fandango, for those of you old enough to remember. Other games I (have) play(ed) range from shooters to RPG to strategy games. As much as I like playing a game alone, the best part of almost any activity is sharing it with friends and other people, so I am a sucker for multiplayer games, like League of Legends. That is also the reason why I like sharing what happens at Black Pants with the community.

My first day started off when I came to the office to find this nameplate on the door. Obviously I had found the right place.


When I looked around I noticed a weird affection for Unicorns and the Scorpions. I will have to start further investigations into that to see, where fate has led me.

scorpions_2  unicorn  scorpions_1

After the obligatory coffee to get going, Christian (one of our two CEOs) showed me around the office and we went over my tasks for the near future. With an (evil) smile he told me: “I’ve kept the accounting stuff from the last 3 months piled up, so we can get to it together!” So we started our number crunching.

At 2 pm we had a video chat with our Berlin office. You have to know, Black Pants has started a branch in Berlin in July, and there are weekly meetings and video chats with them. I hope I will get around to visit Berlin very soon, so I can tell you what’s going on there, first-hand.

I knew about the many awards and praises our first games “Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers” and “About Love, Hate and the other ones” had received, but seeing some of them standing before me, really made me want to work super-hard to add some more to the collection, with our upcoming games. I can tell you, that we are currently working on the next game for PC, Mac and Linux, and I will keep you updated as soon as there is something to share. Meanwhile our friends Daniel and Philipp will release their iOS game “Symmetrain” soon (I am told in October), on Black Pants. So for all of you Apple-People out there, you will have something to look forward to.

Now this is it so far from me for my first blog. I hope, you like hearing from me and you will come back to read my future posts. I am really hyped about working at Black Pants, and I hope I am able to take you along on my journey with the Black Pants and our games. I would love your feedback and questions, and am looking forward to staying in contact with you guys.

So long,


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