Murmel’s Blog #4

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My dear readers,

MARKETING – what a terrible word, isn’t it? One of my duties here at Black Pants is to find ways to make more people aware of our games, so our artists and programmers can live in their little sheltered worlds and be creative and don’t have to worry about their paychecks 😉 – and apparently I am the devil for dealing with these things, at least if you ask the IT guys.

So here I am, researching ways to get in touch with the outside world. One thing I noticed is that our social media isn’t exactly world-famous. We really do cool things here at Black Pants, and we really love when people like our games and especially when we get feedback and interact with them. It is the most rewarding feeling to know that someone appreciates what you put out for all the world to see.

We also like to keep things easy and personal. We are a small indie developer, not a money making machine. The problem that comes with this is, that it’s hard to find time to engage in social media.

So from now on I will try to be more of a link between the Pants and you guys. So please don’t be shy to talk to me. These programmers only talk C++ or whatever and I need to talk to “normal” people :p

So hit us up on Facebook and on Twitter! Follow, share, tweet, like and I will think of ways to make it a fun experience for everyone (NO! No nude pics of Jones! I said fun, not gross!)

As first token of my appreciation I will give away a free Symmetrain-Code for the AppStore. Follow us on Twitter and make a tweet @Blackpantsgames using the hashtag: #Symmetrain. I will draw a random winner tomorrow evening (Nov. 20th). Don’t nail me on an exact time, but you will have at least 24 hours from when this post goes online.

Tweet away and good luck!