Murmel’s Blog #3

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Hello my dear readers,

Sorry for not writing sooner. It’s Monday morning and I am sitting in the Black Pants office all by myself, so I thought: Let’s write a little. First off there will be some slight changes to the blog. We decided to split my ramblings into different categories so it looks nicer and is more fun to read. So “Murmel’s Blog” will be purely me talking about stuff I want, mostly Black Pants related or about what I am doing. Other things like interviews or news for games etc. will get own posts.

What was I up to over the last weeks, you ask? Well, I had a bit of work with the release of Symmetrain. When a new game is being released, there are lots of people who have to know about it, so they can write reviews. So I had to do some research into who to contact and give a review code to. You see, Apple only gives you a limited amount of free keys to redeem for each release, so you have to make sure, you use them the best way possible. One of those ways, of course, is to give one key away to people you like, in my case that’s you. So I will give away one key to the first person who can tell me the names of the two developers of Symmetrain. Write them down in a comment, below this post. Good luck!

I also helped my friend Beatrix setting up her exhibition at the “Kulturbahnhof Kassel”. She studies at the “Kunsthochschule Kassel” and plans to become a curator. So for her final exam she planned this ridiculously huge (for a student) exhibition with numerous artists and some pretty cool exhibits. The opening will be on Wednesday and the address is: Franz-Ulrich-Stra├če 16, Kassel. Here are some photos from early stages of the rooms:


Tomorrow I will go on a mystery-trip with Stamm. Destination: Munich. That’s all I can tell you right now, more news will follow.

That’s it from me. Have a great week!