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Hi there, here is Tobi from the Pants. You certainly heard about Gamescom which takes place in Cologne each year, but I must confess I haveĀ never been there before. I’m not really into those big mega events normally. This year we were invited to talk about our game “On Rusty Trails” at GDC Europe, which took place a few days … Read More

Development Update #6


Stamm's Office Journey

Hi everyone! It is update time, and we can only deliver a short one this week. Looking for a new office has taken up most of Stamm’s time, which brought his productivity for the content side of things to a halt. On the bright side we can say that our new office is 99% safe and we will let you … Read More

Development Update #3


Hello everyone! Here is our weekly update on the development of On Rusty Trails. Stamm had to halt production for a little, because we were having a sale of all our gamesĀ  and the eComic on all available platforms. When something like this is going on, we have to prepare some stuff, like assets for the stores. This means, we … Read More