Development Update #6


Stamm's Office Journey

Hi everyone!
It is update time, and we can only deliver a short one this week. Looking for a new office has taken up most of Stamm’s time, which brought his productivity for the content side of things to a halt. On the bright side we can say that our new office is 99% safe and we will let you know as soon as the lease is signed. Be prepared for some awesome photos! He also scribbled a path of his journey to find an office, which you can see as the featured picture on top of this post.

The only other thing, Stamm managed to do was also not production related: Christian went to Berlin for a informational event about EU grants for game projects and Stamm tagged along. Our roving reporter Tobi sent in a shot of the Berlin guys plus Christian meeting for a quick coffee after the event:

Stamm, Rico, Jones, Christian, Tobi

Stamm, Rico, Jones, Christian, Tobi


Tobi, himself off on a short visit at home for a family celebration, has been working on end-of-level score boards and such, as we are trying out getting in a competitive motivation. On Rusty Trails can get pretty fast-paced and clearing all the achievements and collectibles brings more replay value to the game. We know you like that stuff 😉

Level Stats First Implementation

Level Stats First Implementation


By the way. What’s with collectible vs. collectable? I say collectible, Tobi says collectable and the dictionary says both. Is it a tie? Will one of us get the high score after all? More on this and many other hot new topics…

…as always, next week! Pew!

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Adios muchachos and muchachas!