Tiny & Big Modkit


Hello folks, this is Murmel, live from the Pantalones Negros HQ,

Some famous person once said: everything is better with laser…or was it bacon? Never mind! The point is: we have a cool tool out that let’s you build your own Tiny & Big levels and build in your own stuff! So you can literally laser anything! Little brother is annoying? Laser! Teacher gave you a bad mark? Laser! Got into a mob fight? Laser! You see where this is going. As long as you can find a 3-D model of the things or people you want to laser, you can load them into the mod kit and laser away.

A fair warning: Mobsters don’t like to be lasered! Seriously though: The mod kit is a fun tool, but it is not the easiest to use. Think of the great looking levels of Tiny & Big and now think, that you can basically build them yourself. Our game has pretty complex graphics and the tool is not made for clicking together a level with 3 mouse clicks. It takes a bit of tinkering and WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE ANY SUPPORT FOR THE MOD KIT, because we are tied up in other projects. We just wanted the people who really want to spend their time with this to get the chance.

Here are some screenshots from the mod kit and the download link below. Have fun!


Link to the Modkit