Got Funding


After a long lasting battle and almost endless weeks and months between hope and fear, finally a happy end. We ensured funding for the next twelve months, as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) believes in us! From now on the following logos will accompany us on every step we’ll make as long as the funding lasts…

However, with big bags of cash comes great responsibility. Naturally, the first thing is making a nerdy and totally awesome computer game. And besides the development of Tiny and Big within this time frame we have to elaborate a nice business plan. But with our heads full of strategic wisdom and encouraged by YOUR support we feel ready to lift an unique and individual game studio here in the center of Germany. So stay tuned… watch our progress and feel free to contact us for sharing your ideas or ask any kind of questions. It’s the only way you can ever find out what size Tiny’s pants are. And it’s not medium.