Development Update #54 – We are live!

FlorianArt, Development

Elvis Print

Hey everyone! It’s time for the weekly development updated and we’re getting emotional this time! Granted: this won’t be much of an informative blog post.

Quick news:

Yesterday was a release party in Kassel, organized by the fine people of IDEAL and held in the beautiful catacombs beneath the café NEU.  They spared neither expense nor effort and printed some awesome propaganda posters and Elvis (see above) and invited the citizens of Kassel to play On Rusty Trails one day before today’s release. I was there, talked to interested gamers and watchers and had a beer. Cheers!

Hera are some pictures:


We also put out the new release trailer, which can be enjoyed here


Obviously when this blog is out, we will also be on Steam, Humble,, Playfield and Green Man Gaming. We will have a later release on GOG as well. I have already started drinking beer, so only one more thing to do:


Thank you all SO MUCH for coming to this place every week (almost, I know I am a lazy and slacked off some weeks) and reading my ramblings about our games. Thank you for liking what we put out there, spreading the word, playing our games and just being awesome.

Also thanks to all of our testers, our families and friends for all the support.

And many thanks to Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for helping us fund On Rusty Trails!


Cheers! <3 (and see you soon, when I start picking this up again for our new projects!)