Development Update #22

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Elvis House Gone

Hello everyone!

It’s time for the weekly development update. This week with a real estate special. Our featured image shows poor Elvis, after his house was dissolved into a pile of rubble. This takes place right at the start of On Rusty Trails and is the main motivation for Elvis to start his journey.

In fact, On Rusty Trails is one of three house-themed stories and therefore part of the “Bilgeri House Trilogy” (unofficial name). Tobi has been using this motif in his work for different reasons. While living in Kassel, his influence was a shabby apartment with moist and moldy walls. Some neighbor’s pipes had been leaking (the ones from the toilet…), and the walls had to be opened up. I will spare you the details.


Je Veux Rester

Je Veux House

Part one of the trilogy is from his Kassel days and is called “Je Veux Rester” (I want to stay) and is his first 3D animated film from his studies here. This also was his first contact with Maya, which still helps him with his work today. The music and sounds in this were done by Steffen, Tobi’s long standing go-to music and sound guy, who is also working on ORT. I hope at some point, we will do a music focused blog!

Je Veux Rester House

Je Veux Rester Storm


And since this on is already finished, you can watch what happens right here:


Je Veux Rester is the only film of the trilogy and On Rusty Trails will be part three. Part two is also still in development, and you have guessed it, it is Blown Away! (I am doing the blog on the fly and parallel to the source material, so I will deviate massively from the originals, to keep the viewers interested and kill off all the main cast.)


Blown Away Opening Scene

Blown Away Opening Scene

Meet Hendrik, a tiny, blobby guy with luscious hair and proud home owner. You are baffled, and rightly so! Haven’t we all seen screenshots of Hendrik with one hair? You are remembering correctly and now know the full impact of the storm that took Hendrik’s home.

Blown Away Opening

Blown Away Opening

Tobi has a long history of moving and this can also be seen as a motivation to use this theme, according to my interview with him.


Blown Away Opening Final Form

Blown Away Opening Final Form

The final scene from the Blown Away opening. The wind takes the house and Hendrik with it and his awesome hair is reduced to a sad, single one.


Tobi’s final words of wisdom, when asked why all the houses in his stories get destroyed: “It seems we should all be living in pyramids, those are still around.”


That’s it for this week. I don’t want to be rude, but you have to go now. J .J. Abrams is on the phone. Something about Disney contracts and Bilgeri House Part IV.

Dude! We haven’t even done the prequels yet, wait in line!