Development Update #20

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Hello, hello everyone!

Rejoice and be merry, the weekly dev blog is here! Our friend Stamm is on vacation and Tobi is working on Blown Away, so Elvis gets a break this week.

The featured image is Tobi showing off that Blown Away already runs on his two mobile devices. I could add a photo of it running on my device as well, but that would require me to take a picture with my device…




Not to use too many excuses, but Tobi and Christian are working on the grannies again, because they are a complicated part of the game that takes a while to figure out, so there are no new granny pictures to show and we’ll have to make due with the stock pictures.


As in real life, grandmothers are a vital part of the Blown Away society. Granny makes the best dumplings and will slip you an extra 10 bucks as allowance, when no-one is watching. But have you noticed that there is one type of generic grandmother? I am not talking about yours here, don’t get me wrong. There is a type of old woman, who all look alike and you can instantly tell: Grandma! The reason for this is simple. It is part of a singularity and stems from the fact that some nanas are connected to a time machine. That’s right, you heard it here first. Not much is known about what these grannies are doing in our world and how they have mastered time travel.

In fact, the complication with Christian’s engineering work comes from the lack of knowledge about this conundrum. Because, knowing they exist and thus creating an image of them in a video game is only the first step of many. He has clocked hours and hours of tireless research on time travel to replicate the system for Blown Away. At this point I can disclose that the time machine itself also exists in the game.

As with many clever game mechanics the time machine is only a symbolic representation of its real world counterpart. Because the real thing in our world obviously makes you travel back in time, and the in-game model replicates the effect by taking a snapshot of the game state and saving your progress.


Granny On The Playground

Granny On The Playground


“OK, now they have gone mental.” – is what I can hear you say. And far be it from me to leave you hanging without proof that time travel is possible. Watch

Mind = Blown (Away)

That’s it for this week! Always remember to do your research when connecting grannies to time machines.

See you last week!