Black Pants at Spielsalon Kassel


As you can read in my blog, all of the Pants were at the Spielsalon Kassel last week. But not all of them were just there to have fun. Some had to work and here is what they did:

Christian was part of a panel about funding small businesses and start-ups through crowd-funding. It was an interesting topic, since there are more and more indie studios trying to get their games noticed and many of them struggle with funding.

Daniel had Symmetrain in the expo, and many people enjoyed playing it. He also held a workshop on making games with a tool called Stencyl. It is a multi-platform game developing tool for mobile devices and here you can see some screenshots of it.

Last but not least, Tobi did a workshop on paper prototypes for designing games. He showed people to bring their ideas to life without having to know the first thing about programming.