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So somewhere in space is Neulins, a dreary and dirty place where the clocks of large factories set the pace. The population has adapted to the harsh climate of this industrial asteroid: Neulins is inhabited almost exclusively by machine people. One of them is Leschek who is just another cog in the gearbox. But the cozy robot is not really dedicated to his assigned task in the toy factory, daydreaming about his own ideas of a multi-function action figure. When his colleague Fattko falls a victim to the final defect, he leaves Leschek a legacy, that could help him escape. But to really escape Neulins in the end, Leschek needs a human associate. The illustrator Sebastian Stamm, creative director and co-developer of the award-winning indie game Tiny & Big, finds an extraordinary action scenario for his comic debut Lescheks Flug (Leschek’s Flight) : an offbeat space adventure, that’s rusting, rumbling and creaking.

The printed German edition of Lescheks Flug (Leschek’s Flight) is available for preorder via ROTOPOLPRESS.

The digital English edition is available via Download as an eBook!


Leschek’s Flight was drawn and written by Sebastian Stamm and produced in Cooperation with Black Pants Studio and Rotopolpress.