Murmel’s Blog – Spielsalon Edition

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Hello my dear readers, Disclaimer: This might be a long one, it was an awesome time! I am back with a blog and it has a theme: Spielsalon Kassel 2013. The Spielsalon is an expo/festival/party for games (PC, console, even board games) which takes place in Kassel every two years and which is being put together by the Kunsthochschule Kassel, … Read More

Murmel’s Blog #4

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My dear readers, MARKETING – what a terrible word, isn’t it? One of my duties here at Black Pants is to find ways to make more people aware of our games, so our artists and programmers can live in their little sheltered worlds and be creative and don’t have to worry about their paychecks 😉 – and apparently I am … Read More

Murmel’s Blog #3

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Hello my dear readers, Sorry for not writing sooner. It’s Monday morning and I am sitting in the Black Pants office all by myself, so I thought: Let’s write a little. First off there will be some slight changes to the blog. We decided to split my ramblings into different categories so it looks nicer and is more fun to … Read More

Murmel’s Blog 2

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Heyo, friends of the pants! It’s Murmel again, live from the Black Pants HQ. I recently visited Rotopolpress. They are a publishing house based in Kassel and they are the ones who publish Leschek’s Flug by our very own Stamm. Currently Leschek is available in German to pick up at Rotopolpress, or online if you prefer that or aren’t from … Read More

Murmel’s Blog

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Hello world, My name is Florian, but my friends have called me “Murmel” for as long as I can think. Murmel is the German word for marble and that’s all I can really tell you. I can’t remember, why exactly someone chose the name or even who started it. Well, the only important thing is, you can call me Murmel. … Read More