Development Update #16

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Olaf Billboard

Comrades, the weekly update has arrived! And we start the propaganda machine with our featured picture this week. Stamm has outdone himself with the Spike billboards. The first one shows Olaf, Chief Housing Manufacturer of the Spike People. In his factory homes for all the Spikes are built – including a lifetime guarantee. They were obviously not expecting the storms … Read More

Development Update #15

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The Flame Thrower

Hello everyone, The weekly update is here, to sweeten your weekend and Blown Away starts us off. The first image shows the “Flame Thrower”, which is one of Hendrik’s enemies. Tobi sends us on a trip from the conception of the character to its finished form. In the image you can see him, spitting a fireball at Hendrik in one … Read More

Development Update #14

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Yello everyone, the Black Pants are here, to move into your wardrobe! We jump right into the weekly update with the reveal of Blown Away’s main character Hendrik. Tobi has finished modelling the little friend, decided on the name and sent over this image of him standing in a level, the wind blowing around him. Cute little fellow, indeed! And … Read More

Development Update #13

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UV Mayhem

Hello peeps, it is time for our weekly update, once more! And what an awesome update we have! First off, Stamm sent over the UVs (as seen and explained in Update #5) for the Spike NPCs, we had spinning around here, two weeks ago. Quick and to the point: Take 3D-model of Spike NPC, wrap around UV texture, make NPC … Read More

Development Update #12

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Hi friends! It is time for some cool pictures and mediocre jokes, the weekly update is here! Tobi is excused this week, because he is helping his wife Bao with animating a film, so I was left with Stamm. Doing video calls with Stamm is an experience to cherish. Bonus content later. Our featured image shows The Suburbs, the first … Read More

Development Update #11

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To Do Lists

It’s been a whole week already. Time to update you! The featured image is a photo of to do lists for Tobi and Stamm. I was told to emphasize, that “golden” tasks are Tobi’s. Because he is our golden boy, I guess… I don’t know. Whatever the circumstances, the lists have been cleared pretty well, and work is getting done. … Read More

Development Update #10.5

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Love And Hate Old

Hey peeps! This week, the development blog is on a hiatus, but we want to deliver content, so the filler is a little look back on the development stages of About Love, Hate and the other ones. This will be mostly videos, pictures and some explanatory words, so let’s get going! You might or might not know that our little … Read More

Development Update #10

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Wrong Color

Hi friends, it is time for an update! Tobi is almost through with On Rusty Trails. Over the last week, he was working on the story and a little more on the cutscenes. His main focus was a new project, that has been kicked off, since he needs stuff to do when he is finished with On Rusty Trails. The … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – Berlin GamesWeek Edition

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A Maze.

Hi friends! It’s Murmel with my report of last week’s Berlin GamesWeek. As the name suggests, it is a whole week with events for games. My personal schedule consisted of: Quo Vadis, A Maze. and a so-called matchmaking dinner. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? In the beginning there was Jack…eheheh, sorry. My GamesWeek actually started on Wednesday, … Read More

Development Update #9

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Suburbs Sign

Hey folks! A new update is due, so let’s dive right in. Our featured image shows an in-game sign, announcing to players that they are entering the part of our world called “The Suburbs”. We have many of these – and other – signs in the game, since they are a good way of communicating a situation to a player … Read More