Development Update #10.5

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Love And Hate Old

Hey peeps! This week, the development blog is on a hiatus, but we want to deliver content, so the filler is a little look back on the development stages of About Love, Hate and the other ones. This will be mostly videos, pictures and some explanatory words, so let’s get going! You might or might not know that our little … Read More

Development Update #10

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Wrong Color

Hi friends, it is time for an update! Tobi is almost through with On Rusty Trails. Over the last week, he was working on the story and a little more on the cutscenes. His main focus was a new project, that has been kicked off, since he needs stuff to do when he is finished with On Rusty Trails. The … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – Berlin GamesWeek Edition

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A Maze.

Hi friends! It’s Murmel with my report of last week’s Berlin GamesWeek. As the name suggests, it is a whole week with events for games. My personal schedule consisted of: Quo Vadis, A Maze. and a so-called matchmaking dinner. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? In the beginning there was Jack…eheheh, sorry. My GamesWeek actually started on Wednesday, … Read More

Development Update #9

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Suburbs Sign

Hey folks! A new update is due, so let’s dive right in. Our featured image shows an in-game sign, announcing to players that they are entering the part of our world called “The Suburbs”. We have many of these – and other – signs in the game, since they are a good way of communicating a situation to a player … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – Berlin Office Marvelous Mega Move

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Colonia Nova

Hi friends! Awesome news this week, as I am telling you about our new office in Berlin. No development update this time, but you get more of me in return. Who would not take that deal?! I went to Berlin to help the guys move their stuff from our old HQ at Kottbusser Damm to the shiny, new, grass-is-greener-there Black … Read More

Development Update #8

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Hello all! This week we will have a short update, since I was busy translating our funding application.  Also, next week, we will have Murmel’s moving blog with photos from the new Berlin office, and many other joys and wonders, which I will blog live from Berlin. It’s travel time, yay! On with the important stuff! Stamm was working on … Read More

Development Update #7

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Hey and hello, readers of this magnificent blog! First off, the new office is 99% locked in, so you can look forward to Murmel’s Marvelous Moving Mega Blog™. As reported last week, production of On Rusty Trails came to bit of a halt on Stamm’s part, because he wanted to finalize the new office search and had to put aside … Read More

Development Update #6

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Stamm's Office Journey

Hi everyone! It is update time, and we can only deliver a short one this week. Looking for a new office has taken up most of Stamm’s time, which brought his productivity for the content side of things to a halt. On the bright side we can say that our new office is 99% safe and we will let you … Read More

Development Update #5

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War Assets

Hi folks, it’s time for the weekly update! Today we venture into a war zone! A War between Elvis’ People and the other, hairy ones. Stamm built some red flying, deadly cubes – war machines for the war levels. These have clearly taken some hits already and are looking pretty banged up. The following shot shows the assets in action and … Read More

Development Update #4

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Alarm Machine In Action

Hi everyone! It’s week four of the development update on On Rusty Trails. This one not too long, since Stamm has been busy looking for a new office space for our Berlin team. Updates on that can be found on social media or here, when it’s done.   Stamm sent in a so-called “beam box”. It basically does what the … Read More