Development Update #4

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Alarm Machine In Action

Hi everyone! It’s week four of the development update on On Rusty Trails. This one not too long, since Stamm has been busy looking for a new office space for our Berlin team. Updates on that can be found on social media or here, when it’s done.   Stamm sent in a so-called “beam box”. It basically does what the … Read More

Development Update #3

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Hello everyone! Here is our weekly update on the development of On Rusty Trails. Stamm had to halt production for a little, because we were having a sale of all our games¬† and the eComic on all available platforms. When something like this is going on, we have to prepare some stuff, like assets for the stores. This means, we … Read More

Development Update #2

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A new week – a new update! Hello folks, this is week two of our development updates. Stamm is still working on the tunnel scene. He uses small parts to build clusters generate bigger chunks of the level.   Tobi was busy working on the background for “Spike City” – the part of On Rusty Trail’s world that guy Elvis … Read More

Development Update #1

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Tunnel 3

Hey everyone! We decided to add a new category of posts to the blog, where we will keep you updated on what is going on in the production of On Rusty Trails more frequently. There will be a post every week with some footage from the development and comments on what you can see, so let’s get this started. On … Read More

Murmel’s blog – New year, first meeting

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The team

Hello my dear readers, This is the first 2015 blog and it will be a little recap of our first team meeting this year and a small outlook on the future. We had our first team meeting of the year, which has to be mentioned, because this means that all of the Pants where in one place.¬† We wanted to … Read More

Murmel The Drunk Chef

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So there are these awesome people from the School of Arts and Design in Kassel, who have a comedy film project where people have to compete in a cooking duel while being more or less wasted. Our very own Murmel (me) has been asked to participate and the result can be seen online now. Disclaimer: I was REALLY wasted. The … Read More

Leschek’s Flug Awarded “Best Independent Comic 2014″

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Awesome news on the comic front! It is an honor to report that the Black Pants Adventure Comic Lescheks Flug won “Best Independent Comic 2014″ at the International Comic Salon Erlangen.                     In addition there were great reviews on Intellectures, talking about “Stamm’s borderless creativity” and on ComicReview giving Leschek 10/10 … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – DCP 2014

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It’s me again, and this time it is only a short update.   Last week our Symmetrain friends Daniel and Philipp plus Christian and I (for Black Pants) went to Munich for the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” (German Game Award). Symmetrain had been nominated in the category “Best German Mobile Game” and thus was our 3rd game of three to be nominated … Read More

Murmel’s Blog – A Maze. 2014

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My dear readers, It is me again with news from Berlin. The last few days have been amazing. I am now sitting in a bus back to Kassel and have a few hours of travel ahead. Berlin was awesome as always and here is my full blog of the event and stuff around it: I arrived Wednesday evening and we … Read More